Dresses with Pockets

Looking for a dress with pockets?

The links below are online stores that generally sell dresses with pockets in, with maybe the odd review.
Children’s Dresses with pockets are here.
That’s it.
All links open in a new tab.

Mod Cloth


US only due to GDPR. Sincerely, I wish them the best of luck with their GDPR work, and Europe pocket dress hunters eagerly anticipates their triumphant return. Update 2021: You can now browse the site again outside the US, but they are still working on international shipping.

Having a clearout to make way for all these lovely new dresses? Or just want to pay it forward?
Smart Works is a UK charity that dresses and prepares unemployed women for interviews.
Donate your old clothes
or Monies
Created by: Emma-Ashley
Know a site that should be here? Contact me on twitter and let me know @EmmaAshley.   

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